You will find us on Heezerweg 41, 5614 HA Eindhoven
Within 10 minutes by car or bus you are in the Genneper Parken, were you a.o. will find: the Indoor Sportscentre, the Ice-skating rink and the National Swimming-centre the Tongelreep. (see Links)
The centre is on walking distance, besides a supermarket, restaurants, the city-park, Parktheater and the van Abbe Museum.(seeLinks)
For the exact location and to print a route description you click on the map.
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At the central station you can take one of the following busses:
From the central station to EINDHOVEN-AIRPORT vice versa you take BUS 401
BUS 12:
Get off at the Gasthuisstraat at busstop WILGENHOF
BUS 7, 17, 170, 171, 172 :
Get off at the Stratumsedijk at busstop PARKTHEATER.